It's Not A Game

In late October and early November, I noticed action from my fellow citizens that made me happy. Throughout the United States people were participating in democracy by voting. I am often up early walking my dog or exercising. I began to see people gather at polling sites with folding chairs, blankets, and other supplies hours before the polls open. One Saturday morning, I was walking my dog around 8:45am. I saw a line start to form and so I thought perhaps I could do my civic duty anticipating that the polls would open at 9:00am. When I asked a gentleman on line what time the polls open, he said “12:00pm.” On a Saturday morning people began to get their spots some 3 hours before the polls opened. It was fascinating that it wasn’t a sporting event or a concert or some new version of a popular gadget that people were lining up for. No, people were waiting on line to ensure that their voices were heard. I didn’t care about who folks were voting for as much as the participation I was witnessing. Day after day, in nice and inclement weather, Americans lined up to cast their vote. Many experts predict this election will be a historic turnout. On the eve of Election Day nearly 100 million people had already cast their votes. Professor Michael McDonald at the University of Florida thinks it’s possible that more than 160 million people may turn out to vote this year. If that happens, the eligible voter turnout rate would be 67% and would top the turnout rate for presidential elections in the last 50 years,

I agree and believe that this election will be historic in many ways than one. My hope is that all Americans no matter the outcome adhere to something that we espouse and teach our children. See below.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,

And to the republic for which it stands,

One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I wore a shirt to the polls that I designed several years ago. The shirt simply states,

Let’s Make America Greater

It’s a message that includes every member of our society working to make our nation and this world a better place. I’m confident that if we endeavor to participate in the process and seek the good of our fellow citizens and neighbors, all doing our part, we can make it a reality. I appreciate you and appreciate your feedback. Please remember to share, like, comment and subscribe. All the best to you and yours. Be well.