A Societal Context to Addressing Police Brutality

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The work continues to address social issues including policing and our criminal justice system. We often take a myopic approach (near sighted, lacking intellectual insight) to societal problems. When you have physical symptoms it very often indicates another issue in the body. The symptoms of poverty, crime, violence, domestic abuse, discrimination must be viewed in a broader context. As we look to create a world where all lives matter, we must focus on the root causes of our issues and work in every sphere to eradicate and destroy the components that lead to injustice, poverty, crime, neglect and disease. Below is an illustration of a societal context to addressing police brutality, but it can be used to understand other social ills.

We have seen the difference of how policing is done in various communities. Why? Before we get up and put on our uniforms, we are who we are and come from an experience and context. We are the products of our conditioning. If you have been conditioned to view people as less than, violent or criminals, then it very well may effect how you treat those individuals and police their communities.

I believe racism is a learned behavior built upon lies and bogus theories. That is why I am hopeful that it can be eradicated if each industry and segment of our society seeks to identify and renounce racist theories and practices, and then actively promotes and institutes policies of diversity and equality. We did not get here overnight. We must acknowledge the history and vestiges of racial bigotry in this nation in order to reverse our course and save our country. We can do it. It is going to take all of us to make America greater.

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