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My name is Omar Small.  Growing up my friends, teammates and coaches would call me, “Smalls.”  As a teenager, Smalls became Brother Smalls.  I took it as a sign of respect that people my age would call me Brother Smalls.  As I grew, the name fit my lifestyle and outlook.  People would confide in me, and share their hopes, dreams and challenges.  I learned to better appreciate different perspectives by listening intently to others and paying attention to my environment. 


It is with earnest desire and great appreciation for learning that I share with you “Kicking It with Brother Smalls.”  This website will feature vibrant talks and interviews with artists, entertainers, business and civic leaders, teachers and everyday people with something to contribute to our world.  You will find talks on various subjects spanning love, relationships, music, entertainment, business, sports, historical and current events.     

A little bit more about me
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I built a career in municipal management on principles of communication, collaboration, coordination, and cultivation.  I have held senior level positions including Village Administrator and Deputy City Manager/HR Director.  Utilizing professional relationships in the private and public sector to address a multitude of initiatives and issues in a focused and pragmatic manner. Through thoughtful assessment and effective communication, I have managed effective teams using a direct and compassionate style. 

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